Enjoy the izakaya menu in Sapporo Kita 24

The izakaya is directly connected to the hotel and sincerely welcomes visitors to Sapporo Kita 24. Please feel free to visit the locals as well as those who have visited Sapporo for sightseeing. We offer fresh seafood and stuffed meats that are particular about the production area.
It is also popular as a banquet place for year-end parties and New Year parties. The menu proposes an original course according to the budget. All-you-can-drink addition is also possible. If you want to enjoy delicious food, make a reservation.
Characteristics of Tosuya Su-an

The izakaya in Sapporo Kita 24 has a wide variety of course menus

Many people want to choose a course menu for special occasions, such as family celebrations, important entertainment, and dates. However, many people have the image that delicious course menus are all expensive. Everyone wants to taste the delicious ingredients that the store boasts and realizes reasonable prices. You can change the menu according to your budget, as well as the existing course menu. We offer dishes with an elegant taste that can feel the season.
There are a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, and it has been highly evaluated by those who want to choose a suitable alcoholic beverage to complement their dishes. All-you-can-drink is recommended for banquets. If you are unsure about the taste you want, the staff will propose a cup you want to taste, based on the taste and taste of the dish. If you want to spend a special time, make a reservation.

Why do not you taste delicious local sake at the izakaya and feast restaurant Su-an in Sapporo Kita 24

Dishes using seasonal ingredients are reputed to be able to enjoy the original deliciousness of the ingredients, which can be tasted firmly but with a firm taste. Although you can enjoy cooking alone, if you want to spend an adult time, we recommend local sake carefully selected by chefs. Local sake that softens the mouth is compatible with dishes, and many people order it together. In addition to sake and shochu, there are also other types that have a strong image of Hokkaido, such as beer, highballs, and wine.
If you are not sure about your favorite menu, don't hesitate to tell the staff. We will ask you about taste preferences and ordered dishes and propose brands that can enjoy both sides more. We are working hard on customer service to make your time in the store more enjoyable and special. It's close to the station and directly connected to the hotel, so please feel free to visit us.

Please consider your favorite dishes at the izakaya and feast restaurant Su-an in Sapporo Kita 24

By providing delicious menus made with carefully selected ingredients such as Furano beef and Ezo abalone while focusing on cost performance, we are working to make many customers feel free to enjoy good things in a wide range of situations. The course menu and all-you-can-drink plan recommended for year-end parties and New Year parties in groups are also substantial, so you can consider it according to your budget, so please contact us when gathering with colleagues and friends .
We will treat you to each customer and serve delicious food and alcohol in a restaurant that creates a calm atmosphere. We strive to provide high-quality services that satisfy the needs of many customers, so if you want to relax and enjoy a delicious meal, please visit us once and consider your favorite menu.