Please see the blog posted by stores where you can enjoy seasonal ingredients

Satoshiya who runs a pub in Sapporo Kita 24 has published a blog on his homepage. In the blog, store information is sent to customers in the words of the staff. Please have a look if you are interested.
Since the store is directly connected to the hotel, guests can also use it. After tasting delicious food and liquor, you can spend a luxurious day where you can rest slowly. Let alone the use of one person, please come with important person.
  • Thursday, February 25

    Good evening, this is Feast Shop Nestuan. Thursday, the second half of the week. How are you doing? Today's recommendation is the tuna sashimi in the...
  • 2月23日 火曜日

    こんばんは 馳走屋 巣庵でございます。 あいにくの天気ですが祝日の今日も元気に営業しております。 本日、ご紹介はミゾ貝です。 クセも無く甘みのある貝で...
  • 2月22日 月曜日

    こんばんは 馳走屋 巣庵でございます。 本日もネタケースにギッシリ新鮮な魚を並べてます。 本日のオススメは写真の太刀魚‼️ 他にもキンメやカマス、他所で...
  • 2月20日 土曜日

    こんにちわ 馳走屋 巣庵でございます。 ひと足早く春を感じるような土曜日、如何お過ごしでしょうか? 本日もたくさんの美味しい魚を用意しております。 ノ...
  • 2月19日 金曜日

    こんばんは 馳走屋 巣庵でございます。 今週も後半になって来ました。 今日もネタケースには新鮮な食材を沢山入れております。 本日のオススメはピンクのダ...
  • Tuesday, February 16

    Good evening, this is Feast Shop Nestuan. The business hours reduction that we announced yesterday will start today. But even today, we have a lot of...
  • Monday, February 15

    Good evening, this is Feast Shop Nestuan. We will shorten the business hours from tomorrow in response to a time request from Hokkaido due to the spread ...
  • National Foundation Day

    Good evening, this is Feast Shop Nestuan. Even today on public holidays, we are open with a lot of fish in the material case. We have grunt for red s...
  • Friday, February 5

    Good evening, this is Feast Shop Nestuan. It's a weekend, Friday. We are procuring fresh ingredients today as well. We are looking forward to you...
  • Thursday, February 4th

    Good evening, this is Feast Shop Nestuan. Auspicious sake that was squeezed and bottled on the morning of the beginning of spring and received a prayer ...
  • Wednesday, February 3

    Good evening, this is Feast Shop Nestuan. Wednesday we're here again this week! ️ It's dice day. It's a cold night, but we are waiting for you to...
Stores offering Hokkaido happiness have published blogs for customers. Information on the menu and the latest trends will be sent in the staff's words. We will strive to publish content that can be enjoyed not only by repeaters but also by those who are planning to use the store in the future, so please check it out if you are interested.
A wide variety of local menus, such as salmon and Furano beef. If you want to taste various menus, we recommend course meals. In order to provide it according to the customer's budget, it is well received that you can taste special dishes without difficulty. All-you-can-drink can also be added, and you can enjoy liquor without hesitation even in parties where a large number of people gather, such as banquets. It is a store that shows various expressions according to the scene, so please contact us if you are considering using it.