Sapporo Kitajo Izakaya has a high reputation

Izakaya welcomes customers in Sapporo Kita 24. It is a station Chika, and it is highly rated by those who return to work or stay at a hotel. If you want to enjoy delicious food and drinks at your accommodation, you should definitely choose Kasashiya Nestu.
In addition to the taste of the dishes, the sake that enhances the dishes is also highly regarded. Local sake, beer and wine are popular. If you want to enjoy a drink slowly, please visit the store.

Sapporo Kita 24-Jo Izakaya / Suean is highly appreciated by tourists.

Fushiya Su-an, which offers Hokkaido food, is a facility that is easy to visit for tourists. Fresh seafood and delicious meat, which are also selected by local residents, are popular. Furano beef, grown on a vast earth, has a reputation for being packed with umami and releasing fat in your mouth. If you want to taste the cuisine that is particular to the locality, please come and visit us.
In addition to meat, we have fresh seafood such as Ezo abalone. The sea, mountain, land and seasonal ingredients are available, so the menu that the chef wants customers to taste will change depending on the season. It has also been reported that the store is directly connected to the hotel, making it easy for guests to use. You can enjoy a special day with a delicious meal and a drink and return to your room with good comfort. We are looking forward to your visit, so please make a reservation if you are interested.

Izakaya is also selected as a venue for girls' associations in Sapporo Kita 24

For a fun gathering, there are many people who want to stick to not only delicious food and sake, but also location. In particular, there are comments from the girls' association that the selection of shops is a special day for friends to get together. At the store, we are trying to create an atmosphere in the store, such as preparing menus that women can enjoy without hesitation, as well as relaxing private rooms.
Roast beef using Furano beef can be ordered from women as a companion to sake. There are a wide variety of sakes, and wines that go well with meat and snacks are also popular. Store services that offer seasonal ingredients at reasonable prices are also highly evaluated. In addition to relaxing private rooms, there are also family and couple seats, so it is also suitable for dates. We will provide a courteous customer service that cares for women in various scenes, so if you are interested, please use it without hesitation.

Izakaya is reputed as a convenient store near the station in Sapporo Kita 24

The izakaya and feast restaurant Su-an located in Sapporo Kita 24 Jo is also pleased with the ease of access. It is right next to Kita 24-Jo Subway Station, making it easy for people using the station to easily visit. Because it is directly connected to the hotel, many guests use it, and it has been chosen by those with a wide range of needs. There are a wide variety of seats, and you can choose a seat depending on the scene, such as a private room where you can relax slowly, a counter seat, a couple seat or a family seat. It is often used for girls' associations and dates.
The store is particular about the use of seasonal ingredients and offers Furano beef and Ezo abalone only in Hokkaido. It is highly valued by tourists who want to enjoy the unique taste of the area. The price range has been set in consideration of cost performance, so if you go to Sapporo, please enjoy delicious dishes of chef's specialty at the store.