Sapporo Kita 24 Izakaya is famous for its delicious food

The izakaya is located in Sapporo Kita 24, offering food and liquor daily from the station. If you want to taste seasonal ingredients, please visit Kashiriya Nestu. You can guide to private rooms and counter seats, and you can use them in ways that suit your scene.
It is also well-received that it offers delicious dishes packed with umami at reasonable prices. The reviews are of high quality and have a good reputation for cospa. If you are interested, please make a reservation and visit.

Izakaya in Sapporo Kita 24 is reputed for its good cospa

If you want to enjoy delicious food, head to the nearest store from Kita 24 Jo Subway Station. The menu is open every day with a focus on menu quality and courteous customer service so that every visitor can make special memories. The restaurant has a reputation for using seafood and meat grown on the northern land. Abalone, which is also famous for its high-end ingredients, is particular about Ezo and offers fresh ingredients full of umami. Many customers place orders when they are suitable for various cooking methods such as sashimi and have good compatibility with alcohol.
In addition to Ezo abalone, the menu that uses generously Furano beef and seasonal ingredients is being worked on at a reasonable price so that anyone can enjoy it without hesitation. Word-of-mouth is also highly rated in terms of cost performance, and there are many repeaters. If you are interested, please make a reservation over the phone and come to the store.

Izakaya offers delicious seafood and meat at Sapporo Kita 24

Many people think that delicious dishes are indispensable for the company's New Year party, year-end party, and girls' party with friends. Sue-an Su-an offers high quality seafood and meat at reasonable prices. Beef, one of the most popular menus, uses products from Furano. Cows that have grown freely on the vast earth have a reputation for fat that can be melted in their mouths, and they have a reputation for drinking. When using the store, be sure to savor the proud Furano beef.
In addition to meat, we sell fresh Ezo abalone and seafood. Many menus using crabs are also available. For those who want to taste seasonal ingredients evenly, we recommend the course menu. As we propose dishes that you can enjoy according to your budget, we are also happy to hear from you about cost performance. It is also suitable for banquets and special occasions, so please make a reservation.

If you have a banquet at a pub in Sapporo Kita 24, go to a store where sake is delicious

The izakaya is open daily in Sapporo Kita24. If you want to enjoy a variety of menus that use seasonal ingredients at reasonable prices, be sure to visit Suean, a feast restaurant. It is a store that can meet a wide range of needs, from groups to tourists and drinks after work. The store is designed to provide a relaxed atmosphere, with counter seats and relaxing private rooms. You can choose seats according to the number of visitors and use, so it is also popular for dinner on special occasions.
Not only the taste of the dishes, but also the type of sake. Many people imagine beer and wine in Hokkaido, but they also handle a variety of brands such as sake, highball, and shochu. Many secretaries are pleased because they can respond to taste preferences. If you are interested in the store, please do not hesitate to visit.