Sapporo Kita 24 Izakaya / Kashiriya Sasa will meet your needs

Izakaya / Kashiriya Sato offers delicious food and sake in a special atmosphere to those who come to Sapporo Kita 24. If you want to have dinner in a different atmosphere, you should choose Ganshaya Nestu. High-quality food and alcohol can be used in various situations.
Not only the quality of the menu, but also the customer service by the staff is highly regarded. Very popular with customers. We will respond seriously to a special night, so please come to the store if you are interested.

Sapporo Kita-Jo 24's izakaya and feast restaurant Su-an's cuisine is popular with customers

If you're looking for a restaurant with good food, head to Fushiya Su-an, near Kita 24 Jo Subway Station. The menu using Ezo abalone and Furano beef raised in Hokkaido has been highly evaluated by local customers. Roast beef and sashimi are one of the menus we are confident about. It goes well with sake and is appreciated by many customers. We have set a reasonable price with an emphasis on cost performance because we want more customers to enjoy the taste of our chef. Stores where you can taste delicious food in a spacious shop are also appreciated by repeaters as a secret.
It is popular not only for small groups but also as a banquet hall for groups. We will try our best to serve you with the quality of food and sake and courteous service so that all customers with various needs can return with a smile.

Izakaya / Sueya Su-an offers high quality customer service in Sapporo Kita 24

When using the store in various scenes, such as for one person or friends, gathering with a large number of people, there are many customers who are concerned about not only the taste of food and alcohol, but also the customer service of the staff. At our stores, we make every effort to be attentive to serving customers so that we can enjoy conversation and cooking without hesitation. Please let us know if you have any requests. At the time of banquet reservation, we will support the secretary so that you can enjoy without reservation.
There is also a course menu where you can taste dishes using high-quality ingredients such as Ezo abalone, Furano beef, and crab. Because it can be assembled freely according to the customer's budget, we can propose tailor-made courses according to taste preferences. We will make every effort to return all customers who come to the store with a smile. If you are interested, please visit the store in Chika Station.

Sapporo Kita 24-Jo

As an izakaya, Sue-an Su-an, which is open in Sapporo Kita 24, is well-received by many customers for its delicious food. We offer high quality ingredients such as Furano beef and Ezo abalone, with a focus on menus where you can taste seasonal ingredients. There are also many course menus where you can taste fresh ingredients evenly. Not only can you choose an existing course, but we also offer original courses that match your budget. It is very popular when it can be used in various scenes, such as entertainment, celebrations, dates with important people.
In addition, the taste of liquor to taste with food is also highly evaluated. You can order a wide range of brands, including local sake, beer and wine. Many customers can change the type of taste according to the mood and weather of the day and the taste of the dishes. All-you-can-drink can be added, so if you want to enjoy cooking and drinking without hesitation, please visit us.