A delicious food menu is essential, as well as sake, for relieving work fatigue, spending time with important people, and banquets. Kabushiya Nesta is particular about the taste of the food so that many customers can be satisfied. The menu using ingredients unique to Hokkaido is also popular with those who come for sightseeing. The roast beef made from Furano beef that grew gently on the vast land has also been told that food and alcohol are going on.
Meat is not the only food you can be confident of. In addition to salmon, seafood filled with flavors is also popular. Fresh sashimi has good compatibility with spicy sake such as sake and shochu, and it is said that you can spend a luxurious time. We also propose a course menu that allows you to enjoy a wide range of flavors. We are looking forward to visiting the store with a large number of people, so please look at the menu list and consider using the store.