Provides easy-to-understand information on menus and opening conditions

Izakaya offers special dishes and sake at Sapporo Kita 24. Private rooms and counter seats are available, so it is popular for meeting various needs. Make reservations without worrying about girls' associations, New Year's parties, dates with loved ones, or even one person.
New information about stores is posted on the website. Not only the menu changes, but also the latest information on the store opening status. If you are considering using or making a reservation, please check the latest information posted.
  • With the cancellation of time saving business
    Thank you for your continued patronage of Feastya Nestuan. At our shop, we have shortened business hours since the request for shortening business hours was issued, but Wi...
  • Due to shortening of business hours in the enti...
    This is Nestuan. Notice Based on [Request for shortening business hours] to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection Business hours will be changed from 2/16 (Mo...
  • Very popular at hotel breakfast ...
    The popular "roast beef" for breakfast at the hotel can now be taken out and taken home. The roast beef of domestic beef is amazing, it is 980 yen. How about a little ti...
  • Regular holiday notice
    We will take a rest on February 24.
  • Homepage released
    I will update the blog from now on. Please check it out.

Located right next to Kita 24jo Station, Kashiriya Sasa offers chef-friendly dishes to help customers enjoy the deliciousness of seasonal ingredients. Boasting a menu using only Hokkaido ingredients such as Furano beef and salmon, it has been well received by customers of a wide range of ages. A course menu is also available. We offer a special course menu to suit your budget. The addition of all-you-can-drink is also popular, and we have received many happy voices when you can enjoy delicious sake without worrying about it. There are also a wide variety of liquors that can be adapted to tastes ranging from sake to beer and wine.
We accept visits from groups as well as visits by one person. There are a wide variety of seats, including private rooms and counter seats where you can relax slowly. The latest information on the store is posted in the latest information.