With the cancellation of time saving business


Thank you for your continued patronage of Feastya Nestuan.

At our shop, we have shortened business hours since the request for shortening business hours was issued, but

With the cancellation of the request to shorten business hours

We have decided to "cancel the shortening of business hours from March 1st (Monday)".

Since it will be a form of returning to normal business

Thank you for your cooperation.

Monday-Saturday 17: 00-23: 00

Closed on Sundays

In order to create a better hygienic environment, we regularly disinfect seat equipment during business hours.

We hope you will come to our store with confidence.

We are waiting for our customers with a lot of seasonal ingredients today.

Sapporo City Kita 23 Jonishi 4-2-6 Hokkaido Daiichi Hotel Sapporo 1st floor

[Feast shop nest hermitage]

0 minute walk from Sapporo Municipal Subway Kitanijuyojo Station